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Periscope offers investors professional consulting and location of business opportunities and appropriate investments channels:
• Search for business opportunities.
• Feasibility and risk assessment of the potential transaction.
• Structuring and assistance with the negotiation process.
• Communication and negotiation.
• Legal assistance.
• Deal planning.

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For Investors

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Since the beginning of the global economic crisis, opportunities have been created for capital investments in traditional industries. These investments are attractive as they usually offer a higher return on investment (ROI) than the usual investment channels.
The private investor has no way of identifying these opportunities. These companies are neither on the shelf nor quoted on the stock exchange.
In the majority of cases, the simple fact that the company needs to raise capital or be sold is privileged information, and therefore prevents exposure to potential investors.

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Increasing capital for private firms, unlike public companies, is sometimes difficult to realize.
Typically, funding sources can be found with Private investors, including angels and institutional angels, venture capital funds, large companies, especially those trying to expand their business.
To ensure success in either raising capital or selling shares or equity of a firm as described above, the company will require, in most cases, owners who are dissociated from its current activity.

Periscope provides consultation and the relevant advice to the independent shareholder during implementation of the sale process in order to ensure success in either raising capital or selling shares or equity of the business.
• Risk assessment of the enterprise.
• Fair value assessment.
• Business planning.
• Deal planning.
• Locating of potential investors.
• leading the negotiations.
• Examine legal and taxation aspects.
• Deal closing.