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Periscope - M&A, Business Brokers

Periscope offers comprehensive M&A services based on years of experience. We counsel industrial companies, privately held and family-owned businesses through the entire M&A processes and help them achieve a successful M&A, sale, and/or exit.

We provide our expertise and experience on determining equity value, sourcing strategic buyers, and negotiating closing of deals whilst assuring to bring you maximum value.

Our holistic approach is the secret of our success and we believe each deal is comprised of a balanced fabric of economic, personal and family considerations.

Micki, the company founder and an expert in business & family mediation, together with our team of experts will provide you with a best-in-class experience from the initial warm hand-shake, creating trust and dialogue between the parties.

Our customers are industrial customers, technological companies, retail, chain stores, food & beverage, energy and clean-tech, logistics & transportation, and service companies.

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